**Customers who want to invest in sweat-equity opportunities can benefit from 30-40 percent savings.

**Customers who prefer to simply act as their own general contractor benefit from 10 -20 percent average savings.

**Customers who prefer Full Service Building benefit from receiving direct cost on all labor and materials.

These savings become instant equity for our customers in their homes.  We strive to cater our building consultation services to fit each individual customer’s needs and abilities.

Eric Wetzel of DIY Homes is an award winning, accomplished custom home builder.  Eric’s extensive experience in home engineering and construction provides the perfect partnership to our customers.

DIY Savings

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 Build more custom home for less money the DIY way.

With DIY homes, you will have a true partner throughout your building process.  We are here to help you achieve building a beautiful custom home for much less.  Because we are an individually owned company, and not a franchise, we are able to pass a substantial savings onto our customers.

Our custom designed packages allow our customers the opportunity to do as much or as little as they wish.

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